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The Way of The Albatross

by The Mpls Henrys

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Some kind words about The Minneapolis Henrys

Live Review: "With The Minneapolis Henrys, what you see is what you get. Four simultaneously cadence-driven musicians whose collective talents enable the four-piece to woo an audience without pushing any inward-thinking art-rock tendencies on them. What they’ve created is a subtly brilliant live show that hardly allows its audience members time to breathe. They engage those in attendance by requesting even the most jaded of the hipster set to approach the stage, and “get jiggy with it,” rather than mug and pout in the distance. They’re about as personable a young band as you’re likely to see in the area."

~Consequence Of Sound

"The Henrys craft nice, tight songs, create momentum and sustain it on both ballads and percussion driven rockers. Last I checked the weather online, both Minneapolis and Chicago, where the band now resides, were in the negatives. Thank god those poor souls have some hot, good ol’ fashioned Minneapolis rock to warm their freezing bones."

~Amplifier Magazine

"Whether it's on hot and heavy fast tracks like "Magnum" or slower, more contemplative pieces like "Where My Mind's Been," the band makes indie rock that appears simple on the surface but has intricate layers underneath, melding jazz, rock, and punk. This Chicago band has been doing gigs for about two years now, forming tight musical bonds that allow fro wonderful interplay and improvisation. At the same time, they're new enough that they still sound like a college band—new, free, and willing to make mistakes to find the right sound. Plus, I love that band name."

~Berkeley Place Blog

"A band like The Minneapolis Henrys come around every so often. They know they may never be rock stars, but this isn’t why they got into the business of making groundbreaking records. They’ve managed to fuse everything they love about underground music, and spit it out with an original flare rarely seen or heard anymore... The Minneapolis Henrys are your new favorite band. You’re welcome."

~Consequence Of Sound

"Albatross tosses out instantly likable tunes with a nice sincere quality that is hard to describe. Our guess is that these folks are motivated purely by the desire to make good music. 5/6 (excellent)"


released December 5, 2008



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The Mpls Henrys Chicago

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Track Name: The Ballad of Robert Murdoch
Take these dated dreams away. Find me new ones to take their place. I feel like I'm losing you. 'Cause when you build yourself up so high that when you fall down again, never get up again. You feel like a new latitude.
Track Name: So long, Sophie
Let's take a photograph to remind us of what we left. We can tear it up and throw it to the sea.
Track Name: Where My Mind's Been
There's more to living than hoping, there's more to dealing than coping.
Track Name: Magnum
I've got my magnum. It's just for protection. Never had to use it, never did abuse it. I got a razor blade on my resume. You got danger rays, they go on for days. If they catch us slippin' we'll just have to cut our way right through them.
Track Name: Tusk Wounds Rockets
In my eyes I can see the drink, it's mixed with bad intentions. In my mind, running through the things we swore never to mention.
I go blind to you. I'm blinded by the sight of sheer perfection. I go blind. I go blind.
Track Name: Ice Storms
High roads and railways. A million miles to float away. We'll drop the top on the interstate to conjure up a warmer place.
Track Name: Gone Forever
It was not long ago, you asked me why I say the things I say. And why sound the way they do to you. I just looked at my shoes. You didn't seem amused.
Track Name: Stay Away
I haven't slept in days, you couldn't count the ways I've tried to phrase it. Oh, but words get caught between these teeth and feeling. We'd best just stay away. We might not like the things we say or scream when finally we find the strength to say or scream them.
Track Name: Tumbleweeds
So you let her go. Free to roll along, quietly down the road. So you let her be. Life's too short to spend it chasing tumbleweeds.
Track Name: Letters From Odysseus
Meet me down by the waterside, we'll find the bottles left on the morning tide. Meet me down by the shore, we'll find the notes we sent out the night before.
Track Name: The Emissary
May we call a truce, my love? We need sleep. We've no need for fighting, my love. We need sleep. Let's make room for armistice. And let it breath a bit. When we wake, we'll know for sure how unimportant this quarrel is.
Track Name: All's Fair
Do you remember back in '95? I wore my best shirt to the mall. I was outside looking for a ride. That's 'til you burst through like a cannonball. Then everything goes black. Woke up in Oakland, took my blindfold off and I knew that I'd never be back.
Track Name: The Way of The Albatross
I can't help it. Just call me helpless. It's just that those old sad songs, they bring me down.